Nothing has ever wounded the Heart of Jesus more than ingratitude. 

Fr. Bonaventure Heurlautlare (Father Founder, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration)

St. Clare of Assisi's Conversion

St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare – Midnight Flight & Espousal to Christ

The “Door of the Dead” was blocked with many stones beams of wood. This infamous door was only used when the dead body of a family member was removed from the house, never to be seen again. Little did the sleeping family members know, but this night the one in whom so much hope was placed, the one whose beauty was unparalleled, and the one whose future they carefully planned would “die” a noble death.

Clare (whose name means “light”), the prized eighteen year old daughter of the illustrious Offreduccio’s, was to die this night to the world and begin her life anew in Christ. This night would prove to be the night of her Nuptials, and the Bridegroom was perfect in every way. This night she would leave the wealth of the world for the poverty that enriched her soul and a myriad of other souls.


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  Men climb mountains, scale heights,
venture into the unexplored
to prove to other men it can be done.
This is the witness of today's disciples
-- they provide a needed witness
that holiness is possible in today's world
because there is one whose
Indwelling Presence accomplishes the difficult,
the impossible and the miraculous --
a change of life, ideals and goals. 

- Mother M. Angelica, PCPA

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As cloistered contemplatives, our primary apostolate is adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament and intercession for the whole world.

One of our main means of support is the distribution of altar bread to parishes, seminaries, religious communities, Catholic schools, Catholic hospitals, nursing homes and prison chaplains.


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