Healing Your Faith vs. Faith Healing

leper piero di cosmo newHealing and miracles have been a mystery to men of all times. To some the phenomenon is frightening, while others find it exhilarating. Perhaps it is more often frightening because of the possibility of deception and evil. When God gave Moses power to perform signs, the magicians and diviners of Pharaoh were able to repeat some of those signs.

In pagan times fantastic prodigies were reported during the Helenistic period and many miracles were performed by Jewish rabbis and the prophets of old.

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The Family Spirit

familyWe live in an age that stresses personal goals, careers, happiness, work and religion. The emphasis is on the individual and how best that individual can satisfy himself. There are as many degrees and types of living, ideals and morals as there are people. Since one of the common denominators is freedom to do as one pleases, there is very little to contrast. To this way of thinking, everyone is free to be and do whatever he pleases without causing anyone any harm. This state of animated blahs perpetuates only darkness...

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Journey Into Prayer

god-listens-olamnunsWhat do I do—what stands in the way of my becoming another Christ? Christ is within me, waiting for me to let Him shine forth. What dark clouds stand between Christ and me, preventing my neighbor from seeing God's Son?

For a few moments let us compare ourselves with Christ I am proud; I attribute everything I do to myself, my talents, my success, my works, but Jesus gave credit to the Father for all His work. He said, "The Son can do nothing by Himself" John 5:19 so I will radiate Christ by acknowledging all the good in me as coming from Jesus.

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Divine Personality of Jesus

jesus-nazarethEach one of us sees Jesus in a different way. To some He was Prophet, for they needed to know the Kingdom was at hand. But most of all He was the Son of God and He came to experience the consequences of the curse the Father had put upon mankind when Adam and Eve disobeyed. He came to redeem them from that curse, and in so doing, became all things to all men. He became a "Man of Sorrows" acquainted with weakness, but never succumbing to it.

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My Life in the Rosary

A-woman-holds-rosary-beads-and-crucifixWhen the darkness of sin covered mankind, your love and humility, kind Mother, turned the face of the Father toward His erring children. Though the message of the Angel was difficult for you to understand, you accepted the Will of God with trust and love.

You questioned neither His Power nor His Wisdom, but asked only how this great Mystery was to be accomplished. We live in a world that does not accept the Father's Wisdom, does not trust in His Providence, does not believe in His Power. We cannot see beyond tomorrow and so the present moment is bereft of the knowledge of His Presence.

Your trust in the Father's Will made the miraculous simple. Why can't we trust His plan in our lives as you trusted Him in yours? Even though the child born to be the Saviour would suffer untold agonies, you never for a moment hesitated in your Fiat.

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Dawn on the Mountain: The Gift of Dryness in Prayer

Difficulty-in-PrayerEvery Christian who strives for holiness of life experiences dryness of soul. It is to most people a heart-rending experience. It is a paradox, for the soul becomes confused when it realizes the harder it strives the further away Jesus seems to be.

How strange is a spiritual life that draws a soul to a fire only to make it feel freezing cold! It is, to all appearances, a contradiction. In the world, the closer we are to a friend or loved one the more secure and unafraid we become. The deeper the love the more glowing one feels in the presence of the beloved. And so it is as we grow in the love of God. He wants us to love Him "in Spirit and in Truth" and this kind of love is above human love—as much above as is the difference between the flicker of a match and the noonday sun.

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His Silent Presence

IMG 3066-800x533The object of our prayer-life is to empty ourselves and be filled with the Trinity. The first thing Jesus did when He became Man was to empty Himself. "His state was Divine, yet He did not cling to His equality with God, but emptied Himself to assume the condition of a slave and become as men are; and as all men are, He was humbler yet." (Phil. 2:6,7)

Our mission in life, then, is to cooperate with God's Grace and empty ourselves and be filled with the Trinity. We are not to seek detachment to be free of responsibility, but to enable us to love both God and man with a pure love. We are not to withdraw from the world to be alone, but to be with God.

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Come Follow Me

Jesus-calls-disciples-to-follow"You did not choose me, no, I chose you; and I commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit." (Jn. 15:16) Jesus wanted His disciples and all those who would be chosen to follow Him in the future, to understand the essence of their vocation. A vocation to the religious life and in particular to contemplative life, is a special call. It cannot be explained, only accepted. It is a silent voice whose urging creates within the soul a burning desire to know God, to be with God, to serve God and completely dedicate one's total self to God. It is not something the soul decides-it is an acceptance of a choice made by God-it is a courageous gesture of love on the part of the soul and an outpouring of merciful love on the part of God.

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