Mother Angelica's Last Moments:

On Easter Sunday, March 27th at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, close to 5 PM, Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, PCPA passed peacefully from this life to God. During the final weeks, days and moments of her earthly life, Mother was surrounded by the love, prayers and devoted care of her Sisters, Friars, Knights, faithful nurses and many, many friends. She was regularly fortified by the Sacraments, and the Mass for Easter Sunday was celebrated at her bedside just hours before she went to her eternal home.

Mother certainly lived by faith in Divine Providence throughout her life, and even here on earth her confident trust was rewarded time and time again. From the first years in Irondale to the sufferings of her final illness, God worked in amazing ways through her faith that God would do the miraculous if only she would be willing to do the ridiculous.  In the words of Psalm 23, the Father’s goodness [followed her] all the days of [her] life. Near the end of her life, shortly after the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, our sisters accompanied Mother through the Jubilee Doors here at the monastery singing the Year of Mercy theme song, so that she could obtain the special indulgence. 

Thank you for all the prayers you have offered for Mother Angelica. Her passing on the great day of the Resurrection of the Lord is a gift. As Jesus promised to go and prepare a place for us before His passion, without doubt, He has prepared a glorious place for his faithful spouse and servant, one that is beyond what eye has [seen] or ear has [heard]. As Mother once prayed: Mary, my Mother, teach me how to love Jesus and how to be like Him. Guide me in the path of holiness and defend me from the enemy. Tell Jesus I love Him and tell the Father I long to be with Him. May she rest in the peace and everlasting joy of the Risen Lord Jesus.

Quotes of Mother Angelica

“It is because Jesus suffered and we unite our pain to His, that suffering changes and transforms us. Only in eternity shall we see the beauty of the soul, and only then shall we realize what great things were accomplished by interior suffering.”

“Never lose sight of the fact that you are beloved of God.”

“Everything depends on the Lord: our salvation, our hope, our love. Everything.”

“God has our entire lives in the palm of His Loving Hand. We can rest secure about our past, present and future – for He loves us.”

SPRING 2016:
"On Things Above"

We want to extend a very special and heart-felt thank you to each of you who have been praying for Mother Angelica. The many cards and promises of prayer she received throughout this past Christmas season were a great consolation and support. Mother's condition remains delicate and she receives devoted care day and night by her sisters and nurses.

In God's providence, she was able to receive the special Jubilee grace of passing through the Holy Door shortly after it's opening. Although she is most often sleeping, from time to time Mother will give a radiant smile. There is no doubt that her heart must be "on things above." (cf Col 3:2)

Near the close of 2015, the entire community of the MFVA Friars was able to come for the offering of a special Mass for Mother Angelica – another gift of God's Mercy. Mother herself is regularly fortified by the sacraments.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers; each day is a gift!"

WINTER 2015:  “All for Jesus”

Since our last update, Mother Angelica’s condition has declined, and it became necessary to put her on a feeding tube. The good part is that she now receives the necessary nutrients she needs. There were some up and down moments, and Mother has suffered a great deal these past months. She is quite a trouper. God has gifted Mother with much suffering during her life which she has always accepted, living out her motto “Totus Jesu” - All for Jesus.

Recently, a Mother Superior wrote this to her: “I believe only in Heaven will you finally realize all the GOOD your loving labor for God and His people have done for us all.”

Please keep Mother in your prayers as she continues to give her all to Jesus

AUTUMN 2015:  "Ecce Ancilla Domini"

Mother Angelica continues to stay well after having recovered from the cold she had last Spring. Soon she will mark another milestone in her life. Aug. 15th will be the 71st anniversary of her entrance into religious life – the day she gave herself to Jesus.

Among the messages Mother received for her Feast day last March was this beautiful one from a Superior in one of our Monasteries, “Your ‘Ecce Ancilla Domini’ is now spoken with your whole being – silently, faithfully and lovingly. Thank you for your example.”

Often during Mass Mother raises her arms up as though offering herself along with Jesus in His Sacrifice. Before Mother entered the Monastery she made the DeMontfort Consecration of herself to Jesus, through Our Lady, giving herself “entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after Him all the days of my life…”

With Our Lady she continues her surrender:  “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to your word.”

SPRING 2015:  "Loving Immolation"

Right around Christmas, Mother Angelica's pulse rose very high, causing us concern. But a day or two later, it went back to its normal range. Perhaps Mother was just excited over the Birth of Jesus.

As most of you know prior to her stroke in 2001, Mother Angelica had fallen and broken her arm. While she was waiting in the Emergency Room at the hospital for the doctor to come in and x-ray her arm, she said to those of us with her, "I never asked for suffering, but if God sends it, I won't refuse it." Mother seemed to sense that she would not only suffer the pain of her broken arm, but even more. We believe she foresaw something the rest of us could not see, and perhaps Our Lord was calling on her to suffer with Him for souls, or some special cause. God's ways are mysterious.

A week or so later, she suffered her debilitating stroke, and Mother indeed accepted her suffering. Mother once wrote, "If He, as God-Man had to 'suffer in order to enter into His Glory,' then we too must suffer in order to prepare ourselves for our glory."

Suffering is the greatest form of love and Mother Angelica's many years of "loving immolation" in union with Jesus on the Cross benefits all her spiritual children and will win for her a great crown of glory. We appreciate all the beautiful testimonial letters you send to Mother thanking her for the spiritual help she has given you through her programs and the Network. God love you!


WINTER 2014:  "Jesus is coming"

Although she is bedridden Mother Angelica is strong and doing well. Our good Friars celebrate Mass in her room on Sundays, and each morning she receives our Lord in Holy Communion, the Divine Life that sustains her and gives her strength.

Thirteen years ago on Christmas Eve Mother said "Jesus is coming today and I am going to the Chapel to wait for Him." It was there before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament that Jesus visited her with the stroke. Since then she has lived a life of silence in union with Jesus in his Sacred Childhood, waiting till He comes again.

In her later years, before the stroke, Mother Angelica developed a great devotion and love for the Divine Child and it seems that Jesus wants her to experience His own Childhood with all His helplessness, totally dependent on others.

So as she waits, Jesus continues to come to her in His hidden Presence in the Eucharist. It is Jesus who lives His life in her. With St. Paul she can say, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." (Gal. 2:20)


SPRING 2014:
  Mother’s condition remains the same. Her day begins very early with a breakfast of Panetone toast and a banana. She more than makes up for the loss of sleep by napping after each meal. We feel blessed when she wakes up and with a twinkle in her eye gives us one of her beautiful smiles.

August 15th will be the 70th anniversary of her entrance into Religious Life. Mother took her vocation seriously and never looked back. Over the years as she worked to overcome her faults and grow in holiness and union with Jesus she endeavored to pass that love and zeal on to others, first to her sisters, and then to the world, culminating in the Television Network she founded.

But that wasn’t the end. These past years she has become more conformed to her Eucharistic Bridegroom, living the same silent, hidden life of Jesus in the Tabernacle. She is a Victim-Host with Jesus. Surely her “living sacrifice” is helping to bring many souls to Jesus. God has a reason for keeping her here.



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