Living Sacrifice: Mother Angelica's Last Moments


Mother Angelica's Last Moments:

On Easter Sunday, March 27th at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, close to 5 PM, Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, PCPA passed peacefully from this life to God. During the final weeks, days and moments of her earthly life, Mother was surrounded by the love, prayers and devoted care of her Sisters, Friars, Knights, faithful nurses and many, many friends. She was regularly fortified by the Sacraments, and the Mass for Easter Sunday was celebrated at her bedside just hours before she went to her eternal home.

Mother certainly lived by faith in Divine Providence throughout her life, and even here on earth her confident trust was rewarded time and time again. From the first years in Irondale to the sufferings of her final illness, God worked in amazing ways through her faith that God would do the miraculous if only she would be willing to do the ridiculous.  In the words of Psalm 23, the Father’s goodness [followed her] all the days of [her] life. Near the end of her life, shortly after the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, our sisters accompanied Mother through the Jubilee Doors here at the monastery singing the Year of Mercy theme song, so that she could obtain the special indulgence. 

Thank you for all the prayers you have offered for Mother Angelica. Her passing on the great day of the Resurrection of the Lord is a gift. As Jesus promised to go and prepare a place for us before His passion, without doubt, He has prepared a glorious place for his faithful spouse and servant, one that is beyond what eye has [seen] or ear has [heard]. As Mother once prayed: Mary, my Mother, teach me how to love Jesus and how to be like Him. Guide me in the path of holiness and defend me from the enemy. Tell Jesus I love Him and tell the Father I long to be with Him. May she rest in the peace and everlasting joy of the Risen Lord Jesus.

Quotes of Mother Angelica

“It is because Jesus suffered and we unite our pain to His, that suffering changes and transforms us. Only in eternity shall we see the beauty of the soul, and only then shall we realize what great things were accomplished by interior suffering.”

“Never lose sight of the fact that you are beloved of God.”

“Everything depends on the Lord: our salvation, our hope, our love. Everything.”

“God has our entire lives in the palm of His Loving Hand. We can rest secure about our past, present and future – for He loves us.”

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A Brief Biography of Mother Angelica PCPA

little mother coat21-cropMother Angelica, was born Rita Rizzo in Canton, Ohio on the 20th of April, 1923. The inter-war years were difficult and Rita forged her way through a rough childhood before she entered the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration (PCPA) monastery in Cleveland. Early in her youth, Rita was left with her mother to piece together a living with odd-jobs, which resulted in the two often hungry, poor, and in need. Physical suffering would accompany Rita throughout her life. In her teenage years, she was plagued with a severe stomach ailment, which was only relieved after fervent recourse to the intercession of St. Therese at the recommendation of the mystic, Rhoda Wise. Realizing God’s immense love for her through this incredible recovery, Rita resolved to give herself totally to God.

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Mother Angelica's Seventy Year Old Vow

mother-angelica-71-years-nunEWTN Foundress and her "First Daughter" Celebrate Milestones in Religious Life

First came the miracle. Then, 70 years ago this August 15th [71 years as of 2015] she laid the foundation for all that would follow. While millions of people glory in EWTN, the international broadcast empire Mother Mary Angelica built—the one that has brought hope and healing to those inside and outside of the Catholic Church for more than thirty years—few appreciate that it all stands on a decision made by Angelica when she was twenty-one years of age.

Among the many impressive traits of Mother Mary Angelica, her willingness to embrace risk and even suffer in her pursuit of God's Will has always stood out. Seventy years ago this week, Rita Rizzo, a vivacious, wounded girl from a broken home took a step that would change the course of church history and alter the direction of millions of lives. She got there by fearlessly following the inspiration of the present moment.

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Happy 91st Birthday Mother! An Update

Mother-Angelica-restless-pilgrim-warm-800x600On April 20th - 2014, Mother Angelica celebrates her 91th birthday. For the past 12 years, she has suffered from the effects of a stroke and brain surgery and has been bed-ridden for the past 6 years.. This may not seem like a miracle but some doctors would say it comes pretty close. For her Sisters who take care of Mother, it is obvious that she has not refused the suffering but has embraced it. Mother has had a great deal of suffering and pain in her life, but it has never made her bitter or resentful. She knew God had a purpose for it and she has accepted it as a blessing.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Mother, our community family -- here and beyond, and for EWTN.

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