Nothing has ever wounded the Heart of Jesus more than ingratitude. 

Fr. Bonaventure Heurlautlare (Father Founder, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration)

On the Eve of St. Clare's Feast Day

klara-01Tonight begins 1st Vespers of Our Holy Mother Clare: Clare's deep union with the Lord and persistent prayers, often were rewarded by miracles. Twice, God saved the convent through the intercession of St. Clare. In September 1240, hoards of Saracen mercenaries attacked the walls of the monastery on their way to the city. Although very sick, St. Clare had herself carried to the wall and right there, where the enemies could see it, she had the Blessed Sacrament placed. Then on her knees, she begged God to save the Sisters, and suddenly for no humanly explainable reason the Saracens retreated. A similar situation occurred when the troops of Vitalis d'Aversa attacked Assisi in June of 1241. Again her deep devotion to the Eucharist brought her before the Blessed Sacrament and again the city was spared.

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Our Visitors from Troyes, France

DSC 0107-webOur recreation whith Sr. Mary Antoinette (Troyes, France) and Sr. Margaret Mary. Sr. Mary Antoinette and Sr. Margaret Mary came to visit us for a few days.

Sr. Mary Antoinette left us around 10 years ago to help re-open our cradle monastery in Troyes, France. She gave us a little violin concert while she was here.

The Troyes Monastery, located on rue Mitantier very close to the Cathedral, is thus the ‛Cradle’ of our Order.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of vocations as well as the advanced age and poor health of the Sisters, the Monastery was closed in 1997.  It was re-opened in 2007 by Mother Marie Emmanuel of the Cleveland, Ohio Monastery with the participation of Sisters from the USA and India. 

It is the Sisters’ great joy to dwell there in the House of the Lord, to live within the walls of that sacred place where the first Eucharistic Throne of our Order was established and where Jesus was praised, loved and adored in the heart of France for generations.

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How Consecrated Virgins Give Example of Lived Mercy


A significant example of how to live mercy is offered by the consecrated Virgins who are "the flowers of the tree that is the Church" (St. Ambrose of Milan).

Indeed, the consecrated Virgins in the world are called to be and to implement this mercy, to be its image and to be able to offer it with a life of patient vigilance in prayer, attention, discretion and confidentiality. This is because the virginal vocation is in deep relationship with the mystery of the Eucharist. “ In the Eucharist, consecrated virginity finds inspiration and nourishment for its complete dedication to Christ.

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Can You Help Us With Our Castle Project?

IMG 7843As more people come to know about this Shrine, the number of yearly visitors and pilgrims are increasing, and we are having difficulty accommodating multiple groups at once. After much prayer and discernment, we have decided to make an addition to our existing castle to adequately provide for the growing need. As our events and conferences at the Shrine increase (i.e. Clergy conferences, Pilgrim Groups, Divino Niño Day) these new facilities will help us to better provide for the spiritual needs of all.

This planned addition will include a conference room and dining area which will seat over 200 people, new offices, and an area for the Gift Shop of El Niño. We broke ground in July and are hoping to complete the addition in about nine months. We would be most grateful if you could send a donation to Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. We need your help to continue our mission to provide for the many pilgrims who come here seeking a place of inspiration, comfort, and peace.

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New Book: My Life With Mother Angelica

my-life-with-mother-angelica-book-coverNow available -- Sister M. Raphael's intimate account of her life with Mother Angelica. From their first meeting at Sancta Clara Monastery to the beginning of EWTN.

"One of the reasons I love this little book is that I think it captures the early spirit of Mother Angelica and the nuns, and their simple faith and total confidence in the providence of God." - Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA

Copies can be ordered at

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The Process Of Doing God’s Will Is Simple

my-life-with-mother-angelica-01An excerpt from Sister Raphael's book, My Life With Mother Angelica, reprinted and available again at our book shop.

“Unless we are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous.”

This is Mother’s favorite motto when referring to the apostolate. She explains: “Once I know God is evolving events in such a way that His Will is evident, I jump in. I’m afraid the time will pass and I’ll miss the opportunity.” This sentence epitomizes Mother Angelica’s motivation. This is the woman I have admired, loved and followed for thirty years. She is holy, full of the Holy Spirit, fiercely loyal to the Church and very much in love with God.

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Sr. Judith's Novitiate Procession

Sr.-Judiths-Novitiate-ProcessionSaturday evening we had a little party for Sr. Judith in preparation for her entrance into the novitiate, which began with a beautiful prayer entrusting her vocation to Our Lady.  Here is a small part of the prayer:

“I unite my “Fiat” with yours, as I seek to do God’s Will in all things.  Enclosing myself in your heavenly mantle, I give you my poor heart to be united with your pure and immaculate one.  Whatever is lacking in me, I trust that you will supply it so that I may be pleasing in the sight of the King of Kings.”

Please keep Sr. Judith in your prayers as she begins her time of retreat to prepare for her Investment Day!

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Book Now Available:  Sister M. Raphael's intimate account of her life with Mother Angelica. From their first meeting at Sancta Clara Monastery to the beginning of EWTN.


Copies can be ordered at

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