Am I not the source of your joy?

s juan diego"Listen, put it into your heart, my youngest and dearest son, that the thing that disturbs you, the thing that afflicts you, is nothing.

Do not let your countenance, your heart be disturbed.

Do not fear this sickness of your uncle or any other sickness, nor anything that is sharp or hurtful.

Am I not here, I, who am your Mother?

Are you not under my shadow and protection?

Am I not the source of your joy?

Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms?

Do you need anything more?

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A Rejoicing Sunday

GaudeteIHSBlessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta was surrounded by the poorest of the poor, those with a terminal illness of leprosy and malnutrition. She lived in a country where the streets were filled with the homeless and the destitute, but she walked among them always with a smile on her face as she recognized Jesus in each one of them. She was very selective in the nuns that she allowed to remain in her communities. They had to smile always or they were not allowed to work with her as a nun. She didn't want a sad representative of Jesus doing His work of taking care of the poorest of the poor and the sickest of the sick. All of her nuns were the most joyful nuns I have ever seen. That is what attracted thousands of Hindus and Moslems to attend Mother Teresa's funeral. She and her Sisters were always joyful witnesses of their Catholic faith in the most distressing circumstances: not only after a one Sunday Reminder.

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Choosing a Husband - Better to be Happy in Poverty

marriage-bolognaOne might well ask, why a medieval discussion between a mother and her daughter on chosing the right husband is to be found on a nun's site? Simple. The sensible advice, "better to be happy in poverty" may help you to discern your vocation and the "right man" from among all potential suitors. We reprint a portion of Chantry Westell's commentary below.

There is a well-known collection of texts in Anglo-Norman French and Middle English from the 14th century (MS 46919), which contain a unique copy of a verse debate between a mother and daughter on choosing a husband. The volume, which has (unfortunately) not been fully photographed yet, is known as the 'William Herebert Collection' after the Franciscan friar of Oxford, who compiled it and copied some of the texts, which include Bibbesworth's Tretiz de langage.

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Puny Sentimentalism

handsThank God for our "puny sentimentalism". It is not completely uncommon for people to flip out, or rather, flip themselves inside out -- and stand in contradiction to the very thing they are.

Take Helen Keller for example. Most of us are familiar with her powerful story -- a deafblind person (from Alabama) who overcame adversity and excel on many levels beyond her physical debility. And this is where the "odd" comes in. Not many of us know that Helen was also a rabid eugenicist who once proclaimed...

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The Two Coins of Abandoned Love

two-coins-olamnunsShow Jesus you're serious!

The widow who gives "everything" be it a measly two coins, is a great model for us. Her prayers were pure before the Lord.

Abel gave the best in that field offering before God. His prayer was pleasing to the Lord.

Jesus gave his best, himself, all of himself, on that mount of Calvary and took upon himself even our imperfect offerings.
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St. Clare's, Little Sister Agnes

St.-Agnes-assisi-poor-clareBorn as Catarina di Favarone, Agnes was the sister of St. Clare and her first follower.  When St. Clare received the veil in 1212, she left behind her at home a young sister of 14 named Agnes. In answer to Clare's prayers and inspired by God, Agnes betook herself to the same convent where Clare was then staying only 16 days after her sister's departure from home.

Their father, much enraged, hastened to the convent in company with several relatives. He used force to remove her and was in the act of dragging her along by the hair, when Agnes suddenly became fixed to the spot. The united efforts of the entire company were powerless to move her. But he was seized with a violent pain in his arm and the weapon dropped from his hand. Overcome with fear, he and the rest of the band fled from the scene.

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Remember... to Teach Mercy

0-remember-teach-children-mercyRemember to teach your children mercy if you desire them to see the face of Christ.

"We are commanded to love God with all our strength, heart, mind and soul and our neighbor in the same way God loves us – it is the same love flowing between God and the soul – the soul and its neighbor. It is difficult, but the burden of the cross is light compared to the cross of uncontrolled emotions, anger, insistence on one’s own opinion,

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It is love alone that gives worth to all things

st-teresa-avila"It is love alone that gives worth to all things" is one of the many delightful and challenging spiritual maxims of St. Teresa of Jesus.

The account of her spiritual life contained in the "Life written by herself" (completed in 1565, an earlier version being lost), in the "Relations", and in the "Interior Castle", forms one of the most remarkable spiritual biographies with which only the "Confessions of St. Augustine" can bear comparison.

To this period belong also such extraordinary manifestations as the piercing or transverberation of her heart, the spiritual espousals, and the mystical marriage. A vision of the place destined for her in hell in case she should have been unfaithful to grace, determined her to seek a more perfect life.

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Mother Angelica and the Pain of Providence


It is customary to place short-wave antennae in flat open fields, making it all the more peculiar that Mother Angelica should decide to place her antennae on a mountain top. According to Mother Angelica, St. Michael (the Archangel) appeared to her when she first visited the mountain. It is there, on the site where St. Michael's appeared, that Mother would decide to erect the antennae. Flying in the face of all the experts, the antennae reach millions a day. But no one can explain just how. Even the British Broadcasting Company has sent a team of experts to try to unearth the reason. They are still baffled. The folks at EWTN have
their own answer: divine providence.

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