Nothing has ever wounded the Heart of Jesus more than ingratitude. 

Fr. Bonaventure Heurlautlare (Father Founder, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration)

shrine-snow blogIt happened not too long ago, while taking the trash out in the darkness of a winter evening. Upon glancing up at the sky before hurrying back into the kitchen, a bright  ‘star’ streaked through the blackness, seeming to spark and sputter into flaring pieces before it vanished. It was breathtaking. Astonishing. Being ignorant as to whether or not a heavy meteor shower was due, such a startling sight provoked questions among us. What did it mean?? Reflecting on the Lord’s Epiphany yesterday, it was all the more striking in the light of this recent event that the Magi in turn knew exactly what the Star of Bethlehem meant. Thus knowing, they sought (not without cost!). And being led in their seeking they found Him, the One in whom all things find their meaning.  The Magi can give us too the enduring treasure they hold, the wisdom born of that humility that falls down in adoration of the Christ, ‘the maker of the starry skies.’

            As this beautiful Christmas season draws to a close today with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord, here is an excerpt from a Christmas reflection by our Sr. Mary Gabriel: “God’s Will ought to be like a treasure hunt. His Will is our treasure. Sometimes the treasure doesn’t look too good; it isn’t always bright and shiny, because it is sometimes hidden by dirt. When God’s Will includes trials and difficulties, we can look at the situation as a ‘dusty treasure’… but a treasure nonetheless. Every great adventurer and treasure-hunter can see through the dirt, can see through the dust and dirt in order to find a true treasure. And the greatest Adventurer and the greatest Treasure-hunter is Jesus Christ! So we have to see through the ‘dust’ as Jesus does. We have to see God in everything, as Our Lady did, totally surrendered to God’s Providence in the present moment, going on the donkey to the cave. There she recognized the ‘dusty’ situation truly was a treasure, never to be forgotten down the ages. She accepted with love the poverty and hardship, and she atoned by her love for what the world did not give to our Lord. We also have to make atonement for all the coldness and indifference the world gives to our Lord. Atonement is a treasure to the Lord… a bright and shiny treasure.” 

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